22 May 2012

Marató per la pobresa

Catalunya is a small region of Spain and almost 8.000.000 people lives here. Because of the world crisis 1/3 of its population is in social risk, there's more than 8.000 homeless and with more that 4.000.000 people unemployed the situation gets harder every day.
That's why TV3 the TV of this region has decided to spend a whole day trying to encourage people to donate money for social causes, it'll be this sunday and you can follow it on the net here. This TV every year runs a marathon for a special disease, and this year they've also decided that poverty is a social illnes that we have to heal.

We all have to be conscious that people around us may be living in big trouble and we should help.
I leave you with a link to donate if you can/want do it and the link of the page to read more about it.
That's why today I take a rest from fashion, 'cos we all are needed to help.

Catalunya es una pequeña región de España donde viven casi 8.000.000 de personas. Por culpa de la crisis mundial un tercio de su población está en riesgo de exclusión social, hay más de 8.000 sin techo y con más de 4 millones de parados la situación empeora día a día.
Por eso TV3 la televisión de esta comunidad autónoma ha decidido dedicar un día entero intentando concienciar a la gente a donar dinero para causas sociales, será el próximo domingo y podeis seguirlo en directo aquí. Este canal de televisión cada año hace una maratón para alguna enfermedad rara y este año además han decidido que la pobreza es una enfermedad social que todos tenemos que sanar.

Todos tenemos que ser conscientes que la gente que nos rodea puede estar malviviendo y edeberíamos ayudarles. Os dejo con un link para que si podeis/quereis hagais un donativo y el link de la página para que podais leer más sobre el tema.
Por eso hoy dejo de lado la moda, porque todos tenemos que ayudar.

Catalunya è una piccola regione della Spagna dove vivono praticamente 8 milioni di persone. Per colpa della crisi mondiale un terzo della popolazione rischia l'esclusione sociale, ci sono più di 8.000 senza tetto e con più di 4 milioni di disoccupati la situazione peggiora giorno dopo giorno.
Per questo TV3 la televisione autonomica ha deciso di dedicare un giorno intero alla consapevolezza della gente per far sì che donino in pro delle cause sociali, sarà la prossima domenica e potete seguirlo qua . Questa televisione ogni anno fa una maratona per una malattia rara e quest'anno in più hanno deciso che la povertà è una malattia sociale che tutti dobbiamo curare.

Dobbiamo essere coscienti del fatto che la gente che ci stà attorno può stare malvivendo e tutti dovremmo aiutare. Vi lascio un link così se potete/volete facciate un donativo e il link della pagina per continuare a leggere. 
Ed è per ciò che oggi mi distacco dalla moda, perchè tutti dobbiamo aiutare.


  1. sense dubte, un bon post per a una bona causa! ;)

    1. Gracias!! :) Espero que sirva también mi pequeña aportación

  2. It's so sad. My heart goes out for all those people.
    I never had said in my blog it, I just didn't want to make a fuss about that and maybe I wasn't sure how people can take it, but for 4years I'm without job and I don't live on benefits. And all lovely clothes what I have is just well kept neat and dear to me and only shopping what I do, if I do(if I have some money) is on sales and by that I mean really big sales(less than 20 euros, sometimes i have found things for 1 euro). Sounds crazy for fashion blogger...I have began jewelry designing and making, it's not yet making profits, but it develops.
    My boyfriend has work, but it doesn't mean that I'm asking for his money, no. I'm just not raised like that.But I have to admit he sometimes makes me a lovely gifts, because usually if he gives me a money for some shopping I just can't spend on myself.Maybe it's stupid.
    We live in small town and to find job is like impossible.There are some days when I feel really down, so I can understand all those people. I have began voluntary work here and there just to be busy and feel as part of community.It's important to me.I think for everyone. I love fashion and I wish I could do more in that field. Blog at the moment is one of the things what brings me closer to it and gives me lots of happines. we all need something for just ourselves/our thing what gives us happiness. I'm so thankful for every comment and follower. I can't it describe. Why I'm telling you all this now...You just touched my heart with this post, that I'm just bursting into tears now. I'm so sad for all those people who are left without jobs, I just know how hard it is and not all people can understand that.

    xoxo Ra

    1. Ramona you are so sweet...you touched me too.

      It's hard nowadays to fins a job and keep it, and if you are living in a hard situation you never have to be ashamed 'cos you did nothing wrong!!

      I hope you can succeed in all that you try and obviously I'll follow you to stay updated!

      You know fashion is not always about new clothes (in fact the last thing I bought was in February during sales!!) you can't buy style, you born with it so don't worry about it!

      Thank you very much for this passionate comment and for being so sincere.


  3. Nice post!!
    Love your blog!


    1. Thanks Irene, I work hard to make it the best that I can!!

      I'll have a look at yours!

  4. cute!!!


  5. seguro que se puede hacer algoo, gran post!


  6. Nena, com et curres les traduccions! La marató està siguent tot un èxit, per cert... I jo que me'n alegro!

    Un petonàs!

    1. Merci guapa!! Quina ilu que em comentis :D

      Doncs sisi es que crec que és una de les poques maneres de poder arribar a tothom ara que hi ha tants blogs i molts de tant bons!

      Jo també me n'alegro que vagi tant bé, n'hem de sortir d'aquesta i si no és entre tots...

      Un petó per tu tb!!!



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