First of all..welcome to TRENDITOUT
This is ment to be a place to live a unique blogging experience being able to share opinions and fashion news, talk about beauty, lifestyle, art and whatever catches our attention.

The TRENDITOUT team is made-up by:

Júlia D. Barbagli
Biology student and fashion lover.
With a high pashion for clothes, design and traveling she's always having new ideas and style approaches.
She's always busy trying to deal with a thousand things but she achieves almost them all.
Stubborn and curious she wants to know it all and loves to talk over what she found out.

Pol Rebaque
Communication student and arising fotographer.
He has a really strong fashion mood and he's an artoholic, he's capable to feel the light, understand colors and put them in a picture that makes you forget what surrounds you.
You'll always have a smile if he's near. A very sunny person who's always looking for something more and is always ready to share it.


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